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Acoustic Wave Therapy is your ticket to better erections, a healthier sex life, and increased confidence at any age. Our Minneapolis ED clinic can get your love life and sexual health back to its peak!

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Let Acoustic Wave Therapy bring the sizzle and spark back to your sex life. Backed by scientific research, Acoustic Wave Therapy is the natural way to treat ED. Activate your body’s healing abilities with the best non-invasive ED treatment on offer. Get ready for a new life filled with new-found sexual confidence and optimum performance in the bedroom.

Our clinic for ED treatment in Edina (Minneapolis -St Paul) offers an innovative, world-class Acoustic Wave Therapy protocol. It’s a painless and non-invasive treatment that treats the root cause of most erectile dysfunction. The low-intensity, high-frequency shockwaves travel over the surface of the skin to increase blood flow and create new blood vessels. It’s the pain-free, hassle-free, and science-backed ED treatment you’ve been waiting for. 

If you’re looking for ED therapy near Minnetonka or Eagan, MN, our Edina clinic is only a 15-minute drive away — so book today!


Easy and Painless

In-Office Procedures 30 Minutes or Less

Get your Natural Erections Back

Medication-Free Solution

Easy and Painless

In-Office Procedures 30 Minutes or Less

Get your Natural Erections Back

Medication-Free Solution

Surgery-Free option

No Downtime

Restore your Sexual Confidence

Surgery-Free option

No Downtime

Restore your Sexual Confidence

Visit our ED clinic in Minneapolis-St Paul for safe, effective, and long-lasting treatment

Acoustic Wave Therapy is also a proven way to treat Peyronie’s disease. Peyronie’s disease is a medical condition in which fibrous scar tissue forms in the penis, leading to a significant and often painful curvature of the erect penis. This condition can result in difficulties with sexual intercourse and may be associated with erectile dysfunction.


If you’ve been looking for a non-surgical ED treatment, our Twin Cities, Minneapolis men’s clinic is the place to go for expert care. Acoustic Wave Therapy can treat your ED no matter the physical cause. It works by activating your body’s natural healing ability and restoring blood flow. The treatment also helps break down the plaque that can cause ED in Peyronie’s disease patients. All of our pain-free, non-invasive Acoustic Wave Therapy is performed by highly trained medical professionals. 

Our clinic is located in Edina and is easily accessible from Minnetonka and Eagan, MN — it’s just a 15-minute drive away! 

To help you decide if Acoustic Wave Therapy is right for you, we are pleased to offer you a FREE consultation with one of our Licensed Medical Providers where we can answer all your important questions

And, if you are a good candidate for this ground-breaking therapy, you’ll receive treatment in the convenience and privacy of our facility. You can even start treatment the same day!

FAQs About ED Treatment in Edina, Minneapolis-St Paul

To properly treat your erectile dysfunction, you need to understand why it’s happening to you. ED can be caused by a range of physical, psychological, and lifestyle factors. As men age, underlying medical conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, obesity, and hormonal imbalances tend to become more prevalent. These can all affect blood flow — and healthy blood flow is essential for healthy erections. Decreased blood flow or hardening of the arteries are the two main causes of erectile dysfunction from a physiological standpoint, so your consult will generally explore these.

To cure ED, you need to treat the cause — not the symptom. By restoring blood flow to the penis, you can go back to enjoying natural, healthy erections forever. This is where Acoustic Wave Therapy comes in! It works by utilizing your body’s own healing power to regenerate proper blood flow to the penis. Dozens of medical studies have backed the science behind this treatment — all it takes is some commitment and persistence. The treatment has helped countless men regain their sexual confidence — there is hope for you!

Like all medical conditions, we understand that you want to get your erectile dysfunction under control as soon as possible. Acoustic Wave Therapy leaves no barriers between consultation and treatment — you can come in for a face-to-face meeting, receive your first round of therapy, and be back home within an hour! After determining that Acoustic Wave Therapy is right for you, we can proceed with same-day treatment. Our highly skilled and expertly trained technicians can complete your first session in 20-30 minutes, often after your initial free consult.  


Don’t delay, start today — go from consultation straight to treatment with Acoustic Wave Therapy. 

When treating ED, it’s natural to be anxious about potential side effects —  it’s a sensitive subject. and the last thing you want is to exacerbate any existing self-confidence issues. You can go into Acoustic Wave Therapy with total peace of mind, as the procedure has no side effects at all. With each treatment, you’ll be in and out in 30 minutes or less — no pain, no medications, and no downtime necessary.

How It Works

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ACOUSTIC WAVE Therapy is Clinically Proven To Work

It’s the long-term solution to Erectile Dysfunction


The name might sound scary, but Acoustic Wave Therapy is a walk in the park. This groundbreaking medical procedure has been backed by scientists and is performed by Licensed Medical Providers. It involves a revolutionary medical device designed to deliver shockwaves over the skin — but the waves are painless. The low intensity and high frequency of the waves promote an increase in blood flow, addressing the root cause of most erectile dysfunction. 

Need a little more information? Take a look at our guide to how Acoustic Wave Therapy works for a comprehensive explanation of the process.

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It can be daunting exploring a newer medical frontier, but we’re here to put all your fears and anxieties about Acoustic Wave Therapy to rest. If you’re not sure if this treatment is right for you, book a FREE consultation with one of our Licensed Medical Providers. This is your opportunity to ask all the burning questions — if ED treatment is covered by health insurance, what the treatment is like, what to expect, and how Acoustic Wave Therapy can help you physically and emotionally. 


If you’re a suitable candidate for therapy, you can commence treatment immediately in our private ED clinic in Minneapolis. You can even go straight from your consult to treatment if you wish — how convenient! Our ED therapy clinic is located just 15 minutes’ driving distance from Minnetonka or Minneapolis downtown and 20 minutes away from St Paul, making it an easily accessible location for men seeking quality ED treatment. 

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